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What is PeachyAR

Discover PeachyAR – the cutting-edge platform that brings your print content to life with augmented reality technology. With PeachyAR, you can easily augment videos, images, and other online services to your printed materials, creating a unique and engaging experience for your audience.

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PeachyAR is created to solve these problems.

Limited access to AR technology for small businesses and startups.

Lack of flexibility and adaptability in traditional advertising and marketing methods like catalog.

Difficulty in engaging with customers and standing out in the competitive market.

Negative impact of traditional print advertising on the environment.

PeachyAR Solutions

PeachyAR provides a non-coding platform that allows businesses of all sizes to easily create and manage AR content.

PeachyAR's platform allows for unlimited content types and the ability to quickly change and update content, giving businesses the flexibility and adaptability needed to succeed in a rapidly changing market.

PeachyAR's interactive AR content provides a unique and immersive experience for customers, helping businesses to stand out and engage with their target audience.

By utilizing AR technology, PeachyAR offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional print advertising, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact by printing 1 page instead of 50.

PeachyAR Use Case

Augmented Reality for Catalog

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Augmented Reality for Restaurant Menu

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Augmented Reality for Shoe stores

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Enhanced Interaction

PeachyAR offers businesses the ability to receive reactions and feedback from their audience and monitor it through the dashboard. This enhances interaction and enables businesses to tailor their content to the needs of their audience.

Data & Insights Monitoring Dashboard

With PeachyAR's monitoring dashboard, businesses can benefit from in-depth audience behavior analysis, providing valuable insights that can inform future campaigns and content creation.

Easy-to Use Platform

PeachyAR's non-coding platform makes it easy for businesses to leverage the benefits of AR technology without the need for specialized knowledge. This saves time and money while still delivering high-quality results.

Cost-Effective Solution

PeachyAR enables businesses to save money by providing an affordable, non-coding platform that delivers high-quality results without the need for expensive specialized software or technical expertise.

Unlimited Content Types

PeachyAR allows businesses to define any type of content (video, audio, etc.) as additional content, providing businesses with flexibility and a wider range of options.

Dedicated Community

PeachyAR offers businesses the opportunity to create a dedicated community through specialized groups or guilds, enabling businesses to build brand loyalty and increase engagement with their audience.

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