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AR is a technology that superimposes digital information, such as images, videos, or 3D models, onto the real world through a device’s camera, creating an interactive and immersive experience.

AR platform empowers you to add augmented reality content to target photos and show your work to your customers. First, you must upload a target photo to our AR platform and then choose the content you want to show when people scan your chosen image like video or voice. You may also include calls to action (CTAs) if you want to drive traffic to your website.

AR Target Photo can be any image you choose it to be but it has to be specifically created for your AR project. The photo has to be unique, because if you choose just any stock photo from Google, other people may have used it as well or use it at a later date so your AR project may not show up when your chosen image is scanned.

To use our AR platform, sign up for an account, upload your target photo, and choose the digital content you want to associate with them. Our platform will generate AR markers that users can scan to access the augmented content.

No, our platform is designed to be user-friendly, and no coding or advanced technical skills are required. We provide intuitive tools and guides to help you create AR experiences easily.

You can fully customize the AR experiences to match your brand’s identity and messaging. You can add branding elements and logos and even include interactive CTAs to engage users.

Our pricing plans may have limits on the number of AR markers based on your subscription level. However, you can always upgrade your plan if you need more markers or features.

Our AR platform is versatile and can benefit various industries, including retail, education, gaming, marketing, real estate, and more. It can enhance user experiences and engagement across a wide range of applications.

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