Picture of Saeed Akram

Saeed Akram

CEO and Co-founder, PeachyAR

Bringing the Power of AR to Everyone
I'm Saeed, the CEO and Co-founder of Peachy AR. With a strong background in technology and business, I am a passionate entrepreneur and consultant who thrives on new challenges and learning experiences.
Since 2022, I've been captivated by the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Witnessing its power to transform various aspects of life, I co-founded Peachy AR to make it accessible and user-friendly for everyone.
My goal is to empower individuals and businesses to leverage the capabilities of AR, regardless of their technical expertise. Through Peachy AR, I strive to simplify and demystify AR, making it a practical tool for enhancing services and daily life.

On the PeachyAR blog, I will share my insights and expertise, guiding readers through the exciting world of AR and exploring its diverse applications. I'm here to answer your questions, spark your curiosity, and help you discover the potential of AR in your own life.